Chris G

July 28 2014

Best bar in SLO Great bartenders & prices on drinks, plus I always see a friend or two!

No frills, just a great neighborhood bar!!! You are sure to love!

Dan G

15 October 2014

Great place! Great staff. Great prices. My only issue; the staff doesnt know about yelp and they have a check-in special! Still a great place.

Kasey H

18 March 2014

Very rude bartender!!!!!! Yelp offer a free beer. Got laughed at & insulted for even asking. Never coming back .


30 September 2014

Too bad the locals suck!! The drinks are fantastic and the bartenders are super friendly and attentive.

Philip B

19 May 2014

Bartenders are friendly...the local old-timers think they own the shuffle board...the pay-for-play jukebox is a joke because it can be overridden by the bar staff in favor for whatever playlist they many freakin' times can you possibly listen to Flogging Molly?

Daniel L

21 May 2014

I may or may not have had too much to drink here least night, but let's be honest... This place rocks! The drinks are made very well, and the atmosphere is really chill. Downtown SLO has got to be one of the best places to hang out; there were even carolers that came by last night!

Rick H

21 May 2014

Nice chill atmosphere. Awesome staff here. They never disappoint.

Lena P

25 May 2014

The last time I came was Memorial Day weekend, my friend & I were being harassed by some douchebag assholes & the very tall bouncer checked them so they left. I appreciated that. I know SLO is a college town but as a 30-something just out for a drink it is nice to go to a bar where they make sure to stop trouble before it starts. I will be back the next time I am in town.

Jennifer B

27 May 2014

Really great place to visit if your in SLO! The bartenders are awesome really funny and attentive!!

Diane G

3 June 2014

From not just good but great Guinness and Jameson pours, to a friendly bar staff, to shuffleboard (that can quite often go from entertaining to super competitive!) Definitely a FUNtastic local hangout. Always on my bar hop route!

Brian C

5 June 2014

Best bar in town. Best Bloody Mary and great happy hours. Friendly bar staff and great music. Where the locals go that don't need to pampered.

Audra S

7 June 2014

Just got back from our vacation in SLO- celebrating our one year married which happens to be on St Paddy's Day =). One of the spots there in town I wanted to make a point to see was McCarthy's. So Happy we did. Let me just say we are divey bar people. We prefer the kick back, have a stiff drink and chill atmosphere. McCarthy's is just that. If you want top 40 club music and foo foo drinks, try a couple of blocks over. This IS a locals place...BUT If you're down and don't walk in there like a snob, you'll do just fine. We had a blast there the two nights we came in. 1st night was of course St Paddy's. Get there about 1am -night cap. Bartenders were tired and rocked from what I'm sure is one of the busiest days of there. No matter-the guys working were awesome, friendly and worked hard all the way to closing.

Love T

10 June 2014

Everyone here is drunk. And friendly. They also have really cheap happy hour, and the bartenders are fast. I came to visit SLO and went here twice in one week.

Pat O

12 June 2014

There are photos here taken at the old location on Court Street after Joe McCarthy sold it to former Oakland Raider Dan Connors and retired local banker, the late Tim Williams. It was moved to it's present location with lower ceilings at Marsh and Nipomo Street in the last decade. it still is a local bar. They pour a tremendous amount of Jameson by asking, "Would you like me to make that Jameson for a dollar more?" Still popular on St. Patrick'Day even though it is now owned by a consortium.

Michael G

19 June 2014

Wow.... good for McCarthy's. I thought the place was A-ok so I might have to visit again. I visited this past weekend and had some good fun, but it seemed to be a local hangout with outsiders not so welcome. It also didn't seem so Irish as it appeared to be more of a Coors Light and smoking haven. I can't give an Irish Pub lower than 3 stars; it's against my Irish heritage.

Maura O

19 June 2014

I miss the old, tiny, divey location of McCarthy's from back in the many great memories there. $2 canned beer, tons of laughs. I hope the "not so new now location" is as much fun as my memories of the old McCarthy's!

Michael K

22 June 2014

I love this place. Thank you for being open at 6am on graduation day to destroy the day for us. I can't put my review any better than Sarah S. (4/24/12). It's pretty much spot on.

Claire H

24 June 2014

This is among my favorite bars in the world, which is saying a lot. SLO has a lot of cut and paste bars, so it's really refreshing to come to a real gem like McCarthy's. The bartenders are fantastic, the people are local and the drinks are stiff. There's always something good playing on the jukebox and there's always someone interesting to talk to. They have been cash only until really recently, though there is an ATM in the back and a $10 minimum for plastic. They have good happy hour prices and they are always fully stocked with a really first class selection of booze and beer, though the sign on the wall is right; their house wine is without question Jameson Irish Whiskey. Ladies, this is also one of my favorite bar bathrooms. It's always clean and there's actually hot water in the sink.

Eden O

27 June 2014

was on vacation and decided to grab a beer while we waited for our table at novo, yelp helped us find this spot. at first i was a bit nervous, you have to walk through the outside patio in order to get inside and it was filled with an interesting crowd blowing smoke through our path. however, once inside and greeted by the bartenders our view quickly changed of this place. let me start out by saying their happy hour is insane, its $1.25 for all of their canned beers! in the short time we were there probably 80% of the customers that walked in were known by first name with the bartenders and bartenders would know exactly what they wanted without having to ask. love local spots.

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